Why you should consider subscribing to a property management software?

The digital age has drastically changed the way we work. It is common knowledge that technological advancements have increased the efficiency and automation of various work processes, including those in property management. Property owners and managers have been juggling the time-consuming and frequently daunting chore of manually carrying out company operations such as recording the detailed history of rental properties, rental payments, rental agreements, and managing maintenance requests. Thankfully, SaaS vendors like betolo have already built property management software to help you simply manage all of the tasks on your devices.

Key Reasons to use betolo Property Management Software

  1. Saving Money

  2. Pricing is always a significant factor in the search process. The idea behind this software is to save your company time and money by improving efficiency. Over time, even with the price of the software, you should see a reduction in costs. Fortunately, betolo property software is priced based on per square meter, which allows companies with smaller real estate portfolios to pay less. Additionally, betolo is set up to scale with you as your business grows, so adding additional features, functionality, users, and units later is not an issue.

  3. Effective communication

  4. Communication is the back-bone of a healthy tenant-property manager relationship. Fortunately, betolo property management software makes this incredibly easy. Rental reminders, notifications that a document needs to be signed, late fee notifications, and reminders of an expiring lease are all sent automatically without you, the property manager, needing to lift a finger. And these notifications are tracked, which can be incredibly useful in the case of a dispute or, in a worst-case scenario, if you’re engaged in an eviction proceeding.

  5. Track Maintenance More Easily

  6. Property managers do not want to give out their personal phone numbers to their tenants, but if the manager is not diligent in checking their email inbox or if tenants must go to the manager's office to report an issue, the manager is more likely to become overwhelmed and unable to manage all maintenance reports. Sharing maintenance tickets with maintenance personnel can be extremely inconvenient if they manage them. The maintenance portal in betolo property management software solves both of these issues. Tenants can submit descriptions, photos, and any other information required to share their maintenance issues. This information is saved in the software for managers to review as needed. Managers receive notifications from the software rather than the tenant via email or text message - no need to share personal information. They can also add a maintenance team as sub-users in the software, giving them direct access and the ability to set up their own notifications.

  7. Automated Bookkeeping

  8. One of betolo's many important goals is automation. Finding ways to delegate work allows managers to focus on growing the businesses of property owners. Bookkeeping is one of the most time-consuming tasks a property manager must perform: tracking rent, sending out all payment notifications to tenants, and generating your income report. All of this is simply automated with betolo property management software.

Do you want to have complete control over your property? Take the opportunity and try out the betolo property management software: www.betolo.com

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