How It All Started

betolo (Betolo IT Solutions PLC) was founded by Abraham Abate and Ayehou Mesfin. betolo, as its name suggests, is dedicated to enhancing business execution and efficiency. Since the beginning, we have aimed to assist our clients in managing their businesses successfully by developing excellent software for a range of industries while simultaneously market-proofing each product.



betolo expanded by developing software for different sectors and professions with the same motives. betolo now has a wide-ranging management software in its portfolio covering the domains like Real Estate Sales, Property Management, Human Resource, Health Directory, Export Documentation, Tour Operations, and Field Sales. We are constantly working to improve our software to adapt with our customers' day-to-day operations.


Our Directory Website

betolo health, a directory website that has authoritative and accurate healthcare service which helps readers find healthcare providers in areas of their preference or nearby. From here we further proliferated in software development to help companies become more effective in their daily operations, expand their businesses, and through that improve their bottom lines and the society in which they live.



betolo’s journey began when we first introduced the Real Estate sales management software, which lets real estate sales companies manage their sales process efficiently, from prospecting to the collection. The software was a success and contributed to betolo's growth.

Our Softwares

  • Human Resource Management
  • Property Management

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About us

We offer a variety of services that give customers the direction and assistance needed to maintain productive and efficient IT systems.
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