Betolo Human Resource

Fully automate your HR process & save hours of work. Making
your teams happier, manage your decisions better, and
your company more productive.


Employee Record Management

Including contracts

Attendance Management

Using employees devices

Leave Management

Leave allocation, Leave request submission, Leave approval, Paid and Unpaid leaves


Automatically computed for employees based on salary rules

Detailed Reports


Of various related time sensitive activities

Disciplinary Actions

Warning and Salary deduction management

Loan and Advance Payment Management

Announcement Tool

For mass communication with ability to target different employee groups

Checklist System

Of standardized entry and exit procedure

Complete Track

Of current and historical activities from anywhere at anytime

Roles and Accesses

Each user will have predefined role providing access to data and functionality as per the role


Self-contained and yet integrated with each other to make a complete suite of HR solutions and can be configured as per your organizations specific requirements

From Start to End

Companies of all sizes benefit immensely from our solution by

Cost Saving

Saving considerable cost in HR administration and payroll preparation

Easier Management

Managing employees becomes easy, less time consuming, and interesting

Save On Undue Salary Payments

Saving from paying undue salary by not having correct attendance and leave records

Improved Employee Performance

Enabling great employee performance as a certain amount of control is beneficial

Data Safety

Not allowing for any data tampering as manual or paper based systems does


Enter once only and reuse multiple times. Automate as much as possible without eliminating the ability to intervene / override through manual actions. Your employees can dedicate their time to more value-added service rendering instead of data processing.

Operational Safety

  • Protecte data
  • Preserved history
  • 0 operational interruption
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction

    Timely, efficient, correct and consistent communication is major source of employee satisfaction, or lack of it, dissatisfaction as it will give way room to speculations and other venues. Without such support as provided by BHR, it is very difficult to perform consistently and reach any level of excellence in communication, in particular in companies with more than single digit employee counts. In BHR communication is effortless and some of it even automated.

    Improved Internal Workflow

    While BHR is flexible and can align to your workflow, it also impliedly imposes a disciplined workflow to which all users are read in. Furthermore, there is no need to ask around for data, rather as a user with designated privilege one gets access to all data needed accurately represented an Internet enabled device away.

    Time and Location

    Employees and owners can perform their work remotely at any time without having to carry away archives

    Empowered Decision Making

    Owners and management will have finger top access to the most accurate and comprehensive data about the property’s operational and financial data.

    Increased Employee Satisfaction

    Mundane routine work is eliminated/automated away, and they will instead work with more value adding activities and will inevitably introduce increased professionalism

    Satisified users

    A growing list of satisifed clients



    What is betolo HR management software, and how can it help my business?
    Our human resource management software is designed to help businesses of all sizes by leveraging automation, increased collaboration, and data. Typically, betolo HR assists businesses with application tracking, employee management, payroll, benefits, timesheets, and performance management. Furthermore, betolo is committed to tailoring the HR system to your company's needs. We at betolo are a community-minded organization eager to assist your company in reaching its goals.
    How many businesses have already signed up?
    Noah Real Estate, Sewite Trading PLC, Delta Instrument Technology PLC, REY Medical Import and Export, Sinopia Import & Export
    What’s the user experience like?
    Aside from simplifying complex HR processes, betolo HR is also designed with a user-friendly nature where both HR professionals and employees can easily navigate the system. However, we offer training sessions after you subscribe.
    What technical support and resources are provided?
    We offer implementation and integration support to familiarize the workforce with the functions and tools of the software. There’ll be a skilled team who’ll provide assistance during the implementation of the system. In addition to our training, we provide technical support after implementation if a customer encounters a problem.
    How much does betolo HR costs? How does the payment system work?
    We charge our customers 2,645 ETB per month, plus 15% VAT. Subscriptions are year based.
    Would our data be lost if our company failed to pay on time?
    No. Your data will be available for the remainder of the waiting period (2 months), after which you will not be able to access your data until payment has been made.
    What kinds of problems could the software encounter?
    An internet connection is required at all times, so if your connection is unstable, you may have difficulty accessing the site.
    Is my data secure?
    Manually storing employee data and documents in cabinets or files is risky because they can be misplaced or leaked. betolo  HR management software is the best option because it securely stores all data digitally in the cloud.
    Is it possible to get a customized version of betolo HR?
    With a bit of an extra payment customers could have access to additional functionalities that aren’t offered in the standard betolo HR.
    Can I have access to my data offline?
    No. The site is only accessible online if you have a stable internet connection.
    What happens to our data if we were to unsubscribe?
    Customers' data will be entirely wiped out of the system if they cancel their membership.

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