About us

Betolo Health office building

betolo health is the first and authoritative directory going beyond the regular in striking necessary balance between the need for a health care service providers to promote their operation, and for patients to understand and seek out optimal provider through various search means.

Simply, we envision a scenario where patients anywhere in Ethiopia and beyond will only need to log on to betolo health, either through our website or mobile application. and by doing search will be able to locate most optimal provider, irrespective of if the patient knows someone who knows a great doctor or not, betolo health will be there to use 24/7/365. Achievement of this will certainly be a process that will require commitment on all citizens part, and this is the journey we invite all readers to take part in.

Your trusted health companion in Addis Ababa where you will find hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other companies related to health, all verified by our staff and reviewed by your peer users.